1 Each French taxpayer must file an income tax return, even when his or her income is too low to be taxable. If this is the case, there are also ways to obtain relief from local property taxes.

2 If you do not know if you are a French tax resident or if you do not wish to become one, the best option is to keep a property in another country and live there at least 183days/year.

3 Pay less tax as a retiree. If you are a UK national who receives a private pension but is willing to become a French resident, applying to HM Revenue & Customs can offer tax cuts in your home country. The first application form informs UK tax authorities that you are moving abroad, and as such, reclaim any overpaid tax once you have settled in France. A second application form allows the French tax authority to inform UK tax authorities that you are a French tax resident.

4 Bank secrecy is forbidden and punishable in France. If you have foreign bank accounts, depending on the country, interest may be automatically reported to the French tax authorities. In France, income tax is collected by arrears so please make sure to have some money saved in view of next year's tax payment.

5 Never consult unregistered professional advisors; suing them can be difficult in the event of negligence or professional misconduct.

6 We strongly recommend that you take advantage of your local tax office for any taxation issues; their advice is free. However, always double check, as they can be mistaken – to your advantage or otherwise.

7 Carry out energy-related renovations in your home to obtain a tax credit, and possibly a grant or an interest-free loan.

8 Obtain exemptions for tax and social security charges on interest by placing part of your savings in government-regulated bank savings accounts. However, for large sums, a life insurance policy offers better tax advantages.

9 Renting out unfurnished accommodations reduces your tax against rental income by 30%; for furnished accommodations, the allowancea gainst income will come to 68%. Alternatively, you can deduct real costs (including mortgage interest) against the rental income.

10 Except for charges on pensions for retired EU expats, separate social security charges are due from all residents in addition to income tax.

11 In preparing your estate, you can offer cash and properties to your loved ones as part of their inheritance. More specifically, you may consider giving reversion of interest in a property you possess, which will not suspend your life interest.

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