Payment Methods

Your income tax notice is available online at any time. This allows you explore the various means of paying your taxes (e.g. direct debit, check).

Every year you will receive two provisional payment notices before your final tax liability is determined, unless your taxes are expected to be under €345. In the latter case, you must make a single payment by the due date.

The provisional payment deadlines are February 15 and May 15.

The amount on the notices is calculated based on your previous year's taxes and is due in September or November of the current year.

If you estimate your taxes to be below €345 for the year, you can choose not to make the provisional payments. No other action is necessary. However, if your final tax bill may exceed this amount, much care is recommended.

Monthly direct debit is the simplest payment method as it eliminates provisional payments. These debits are made from January through October on the 15thof each month. Any deficit or overpayment is settled in November and December.

You can choose the monthly payment option at any time during the year, but be aware of the terms. Any application made after July 1will only be effective as of January of the following year.

Important If you do not pay your taxes by the due dates, your liability is increased by 10% plus an interest charge of 0.40% per month (4.80% per year) on the outstanding sum. Finally, if your tax liability is lower than the sum already paid, the differencies refunded.

Payment Difficulties

  • If you struggle to pay your taxes, you may negotiate with your tax inspector to postpone payment.
  • You may also ask the tax authority to waive non-payment penalties. Contact your local tax collection office with concrete proof of your current situation.
  • If your financial situation has deteriorated since the previous year, you may request not to pay the provisional sums.

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