3. Stable income

For the bank, a secure job means stable, recurring income. Seniority in your position is heavily weighted in banks' assessment. It is best to have completed your trial period before requesting a loan. The longer you have been in your current position, the more confident the bank will be.

Important Some banks are extremely strict and require a minimum of 8 to 12 months in your current position.

For salaried employees, banks require an open-ended contract for which the trial period has been completed (often not mandatory, but a real advantage). Exceptions may be granted, for example for individuals who have chosen interim work over a long period. Take this seniority criterion into account when making your real estate plans. Postponing your search for just a few months until you have been in your position for at least a year can help you obtain a wider range of funding proposals.

You are committed to reimburse your mortgage Loan. Verify your ability to reimburse before committing.