Why choose a French mortgage specialist for your loan application

Investing in France as a non-resident is not easy. Not all banks are willing to finance expatriates or foreigners who invest in France. The distance can also add difficulty if meetings in agencies are required. Finally, a non-resident may not receive the same service from the bank as a resident customer seeking out a primary bank.

Meilleurtaux has set up a service dedicated to foreign clients who wish to buy property in France, in order to better respond to these specific situations. We have also created partnerships with banks that have processes and offerings adapted to a foreign clientele.

After filing your mortgage application on our website, an advisor will contact you to discuss your application. He will then direct you to one of our partners in accordance with your expectations. You will be asked to send us the documents needed for your file so the partner bank can make you a loan offer. Your dedicated Meilleurtaux advisor will accompany you throughout the process until the funds are released.
This personalized support is absolutely free. All of our consultants are based in France.

6 steps to a successful loan. Manage your projectwithMeilleurtaux.com

Your meilleurtaux.com advisor will ensure that you get the best deal available on the market and will accompany you throughout the process until your project comes to fruition.

1. Submit your mortgage application online

2. A dedicated Meilleurtaux advisor will contact you to discuss your project

Together with the advisor, you outline your project and set up the plan that best suits your profile and your needs. Through this exchange, you rmeilleurtaux.com advisor can provide all the answers you may need and choose the best proposal for you.

Rates, loan terms, guarantees, loan insurance: all aspects of your financing are taken into account to establish the best plan for your profile, your situation and your goals.

The advisor can best compare the players in the real estate credit market, and can therefore find the best deals available.

3. Prepare your online loan application

Prepare and scan the documents required in the list of supporting documents. Send the files to your Meilleurtaux advisor and to the selected financial institution via your secure online account.
Throughout the process, your Meilleurtaux.com advisor will ensure that you meet deadlines and initial commitments, and will be there to facilitate your dealings with the bank.

4. Your advisor presents the bank's proposal and confirms the loan agreement

5. The partner bank issues your loan offer

Regulations require that loan offers be sent by post. They are valid for 30 days following receipt, and recipients must respect a 10-day deliberation period before accepting and returning a signed offer. Your Meilleurtaux.com advisor will work with you to ensure that the offer meets your needs.

6. Implementation and completion of your project

Before signing the deed of sale at the notary's office, your Meilleurtaux.com advisor will request the release of funds from the bank, which will transfer the amount of your loan. Do not forget to obtain homeowner's insurance coverage for your property from day one!

You are committed to reimburse your mortgage Loan. Verify your ability to reimburse before committing.