That's it – I'm a property owner! I collect the keys to my new home. I can settle down in France and start paying off my loan!

Ownership title

It'll be 2 to 3 months before I receive my definitive title of ownership, as the notary must publish the deed of sale in the mortgage registry, pay various taxes and inform the tax authorities. The notary then provides me a "certificate of property," which allows me to begin the next steps, such as obtaining insurance.

Real estate loans start with fund disbursements. Generally, direct debits are carried out between the 1st and 10th of each month. For example, if the definitive deed is signed on May 25, the first direct debit will be effective in July, between the 1st and the 10th. The first monthly payment will thus be slightly greater, including interest to cover the period between the release of funds and the first monthly payment.

Relocating and moving in

As soon as possible

When I decide to relocate, the first steps to be taken are for my children, my accommodation and organizing my move.

I inform my landlord/condominium

  • If I am a tenant, I notify the landlord of my departure. Before leaving my accommodation, I take an inventory of fixtures with my landlord and my security deposit is refunded.
  • If I am an owner, I ask the management agent for a settlement of account.
  • Be sure to keep all papers concerning accommodations.

I organize my move

  • I can call on a professional mover to ensure that I will not be liable for damage or deterioration.
  • I should make sure the company I choose is duly registered as a moving company.
  • I may even enjoy time off for my move.

I make sure that my children can still go to school

  • I enroll my children at school (in the event of a summer move).
  • I ask to change schools or to allow my children to stay at their old school (in the event of a move during the school year).
  • I arrange for accommodations for my children outside school periods.

In the month following the move

I officially change my address:

  • Registration certificate (mandatory).
  • National identity card or passport (optional).
  • If I am not a French citizen, my residence permit (mandatory) or my EU resident permit.

Within 6 months of moving

If I have three or more children, I may request a relocation allowance from the French family welfare fund (the CAF).

You are committed to reimburse your mortgage Loan. Verify your ability to reimburse before committing.